Remarkable Results


Donors who feel appreciated give more.      we help you strategize and succeed.

Two universities pulled out all the stops for top donors a decade ago. Donors were honored with front-page stories, elaborate gift announcements, and touching thank-you videos. Know what happened? The donors responded by giving more: $68 million more! Beth Hammock planned and executed stewardship of those donors.

We want to help you achieve similar results. Turn to us for innovative ways to help your donors feel great about their giving to your organization. 

" Our focus needs to shift on how we make donors feel when we communicate with them. That’s going to be the next big thing in fundraising: how good do we make people feel? How strongly committed do they feel to our organization? We have to find other ways to engage people with the organization so they have a burning passion for us."--Dr. Adrian Sargeant, professor of fundraising.
                              Beth Hammock, founder and principal

                             Beth Hammock, founder and principal


We love the people who fund scholarships, give money for medical research, and care for families in need. As your partner, we create more generosity through innovative, memorable donor communication. See how on the pages that follow.